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The Empire Salon is a full-service salon offering high-end hair, nail, make-up, and depilation services, lead by a youthful team of experts that are of the highest academic training, well-rounded, and truly passionate. Alongside, Empire Salon provides some of the most highly demanded lines of hair and beauty products, and technical hairstyling services. Here, hairstyling isn’t just a process, it’s an art.

With an ambiance like no other, find yourself in the posh atmosphere of London when you visit the salon, the look and feel reflecting the hip and cool image of our charismatic and talented London-trained stylists. All trained in top London education for beauty and hairstyling, the team prides itself as a collaborative group of specialists that have mastered both the services and the key to a warm and personalized work ethic. As true masters of their craft, you will find that in this salon, what you get is only of the highest and closest quality to what you expect.

  • Services


    Includes a one-on-one consultation and personalized haircut from one of our London-trained stylists.

    Technical Services

    Hair & Make-up

    Includes consultation and expertly personalized hair and make-up styling tailored for any occasion.

    Hair Treatments

    Includes nourishing hair treatment to relax and revitalize damaged hair.

    Keratin Hair Taming

    Includes Keratin Hair Taming treatment to achieve more relaxed and silkier hair.


    Includes full head rebonding to achieve absolutely streamline straight hair.

    Digital Perm

    Includes full head digital perm to achieve medium to bold curls.

    Full Head Highlights

    Includes full head highlights and highlight placement.

    Creative Colour

    Hair colouring that involves creative styling, blocking, or placements of one or more colours.


    Includes full root to tip colouring in one solid tint.

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    Other Services

    Upper Lip Threading

    Includes hair removal on the upper lip using threading technique.

    Eyebrow Threading

    Includes hair removal and contouring of the eyebrows using threading technique.

    Half Leg Wax

    Includes expert wax hair removal from the top of the thigh to the knee, or from the knee to the ankle.

    Eyebrow Wax

    Includes expert wax hair removal around the eyebrow area.

    Underarm Wax

    Includes expert wax hair removal in the underarms.


    Includes unique Paraffin wax soak treatment to soften and smooth weathered hands and feet.

    Foot Spa

    Includes relaxing and revitalizing foot spa to revive and soften tired feet.


    Includes personalized pedicure with expert styling and detailing of the toenails.


    Includes personalized manicure with expert styling and detailing of the fingernails.

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    Offering a wide range of professional beauty and hair care products for all hair types and styles.


    Offering a range of edgy and avant garde hair care, styling, and contouring products for the bold and modern.

    Bed Head

    Offering a line of colorful, fun, and edgy hair care and styling products for the free-spirited and youthful.


    Offering an exceptional line of customized products that help address your unique and individual hair loss or thinning concerns.

    Creative Team

    Over the past 14 years, we’ve gathered a group of diversely talented and highly motivated individuals who believe problems are best solved collaboratively.
    Our experienced team work with you to unleash the power of pixel-driven connectivity.

    Sokie Mendoza

    Creative Director

    Bringing a unique cutting-edge to the Empire team, Sokie revels in thinking “outside-of-the-cut.” She prides herself in continuing to push the envelope, striving to introduce more modern and contemporary looks into the local industry. She adds, “I want to bring something different to the scene…no more hairstyles trapped in time.”

    Sokie holds certificate degrees from notable hair institutes in London, having graduated from the Classic and Advanced Cutting and Colouring course at the Toni&Guy Academy, to the Corrective and Creative Colouring course at Wella Euro Studio. Prior to joining Empire Salon she was the Style Director at Toni&Guy Melbourne, servicing a wide international client base. She spearheaded the training of the creative team in London this year, undergoing the much sought after Creative Cut and Colour course at Vidal Sassoon.

    According to her, not a day goes by where she wishes for the traditional definition of work, “I have a liking for all things beautiful and a passion for making beautiful things.”

    Angelie P. Manabat

    Head of Salon Management and Operations

    Angie is the team leader. With 13 years in the business under her belt, it is certainly both her tenure and her unrivaled knowledge of the hairdressing process that gives her the supreme edge over others. A graduate of the Salon Management course sponsored by L’Oreal at the U.P. Diliman, Angie has worked on managing operations of several high-end salons around the metro. She oversaw operations at Essensuals Toni&Guy Manila, Menage Salon in Gateway and Mandarin Hotel, and Aura Salon in Katipunan and Capitol Hills. Angie thrives in the salon environment as she claims, “it is enjoyable to be surrounded with happy and creative people, thus making work life feel light and breezy.” Through the years, Angie has gained a unique and critical eye for detail when it comes to hairdressing and styling, even advocating for the salon industry to be professionalized and contrary to the former notion of being merely just for cutting or colouring of hair. “There is so much talent around and people need to understand how the industry works; why we do the things we do and why the stylists behind every salon should always pursue improving their craft.”

    Editha Abanag

    Head Technician

    Edith is the science behind the styling. She is in charge of overseeing the methodical details and guarding the integrity of hair that is to be styled or serviced. A veteran in the technical aspect of the hairdressing industry, Edith underwent extensive technical training in hair colouring, straightening, and perming as well as in various hair treatment services of major brands, such as L’Oreal, Wella, Davines,Schwarzkopf and Matrix. She prides himself in her innate skills as a hair technician, a trained expert in the natural structure of hair as well as the technical aspects in executing the ever-growing services provided in the hairstyling industry. Aside from her wide grasp in the methods and procedures of hairdressing, Edith also has a firm background in hair cutting and styling having spent 15 years in the hairdressing industry, 4 years of which were gained abroad.

    Jayson Jaime

    Senior Stylist

    Jay has a knack from men’s barbering, his specialty being his ability to execute personalized hairdressing that can range from bold and contemporary cuts to the more classic and dapper styles. He exclaims, “one of the things I learned through my classes and through experience is that there is no one-cut-for-all; you should personalize it for your client and find a way to make it stand out.”

    At an early age, he was exposed to the world hairdressing helping out at a local barbershop. More than a decade later, he is on a non-stop pursuit to hone his craft, diving into several supplementary courses. He is graduate of the L’Oreal Colour Diploma course and a member of L’Oreal Color Expert Club, while even updating his make-up skills under the tutelage of Yuki Geraldo, Senior Educator of international brand, Make-up Forever. Today, he adds the ABC Foundation course at Vidal Sassoon in London to his list of studies.

    Chastine Fitcher Isidro

    Top Stylist/Chief Make-up Artist

    Chas is the team powerhouse for dynamic hair and makeup styling. He prides himself in his versatility and natural ability to bring different styles and looks to life with ease. Fresh from his college graduation, Chas performed as an impersonator in comedy clubs before starting his career in hairdressing. While studying in London, he attended the Toni&Guy Academy, Alan D Education Academy, and Mahogany Hair Dressing Academy, even inspired to come up with his own parfum line based on the different sights he visited abroad. When asked what he liked best about studying in the UK he said, “It’s very visual in the sense that you get a deeper understanding of how to capture beauty beyond what mere eyes can see. You highlight it out for your client and you make her shine in her own light without having to try so hard.”  Chas remains one of the most highly sought-after make-up artists in the local scene, handling a diverse clientele of VIPs, celebrities, and models.

    Cristina Dizon

    Style Director

    Christy always brings a certain heir of confidence when she walks into the studio. Raised in a family of hairdressers, it didn’t come as a surprise when Christy expressed interest in a hairstyling career. Starting out as a shampoo assistant, she worked her way up the industry with sheer dedication and hard work. She has amassed an abundance of loyal clientele over the years, well known for her unmatched on-the-job charisma and dynamic styling. Christy was trained under the Toni&Guy Academy in London, having finished the Classic and Creative Cutting and Colouring course, while encouraging further education to stay up-to-date with new trends and styles. In August 2013, she attended Classic, Contemporary Cut and Color at Vidal Sassoon Academy in London. She adds, “my education in the UK gave me more confidence to do things, to tell my clients if their desired look will not work for them. I adjust to what they want but I am also honest if I think otherwise.”


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